The Alliance + WSA - San Diego

The Alliance + WSA - San Diego

The Alliance is a non-profit association of professional women skateboarders and other action sports athletes who have united to develop and promote their sport by empowering and encouraging young women's participation as well as increasing professional opportunities.

The Alliance was founded in 2005 by Cara-Beth Burnside, Mimi Knoop, and Drew Mearns in order to bring together and give voice to professional female skateboarders. The Alliance has acted as official sport organizer for all professional women's skateboarding events at ESPN's X Games since 2006, working in association with X Games' international sponsors and production teams. In 2008, the Alliance played an instrumental role in securing prize purse equality for men and women at all X Games events (both Summer and Winter). The Alliance has worked with various contest organizers, industry leaders, and sponsors to cultivate more opportunities for female action sports athletes so that they can better participate, compete, and become more successful professional athletes.



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