Tanzania Skate Miracle - Dar es Salaam

Tanzania Skate Miracle - Dar es Salaam

To expand all skaters and general scene of skating games in Tanzania. We reach the world with the popular message of Peace and Love

Recognizing that, Children as the tool for the development of future generation, Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle help vulnerable and underprivileged children in the orphanage centers and those on the streets to become useful members of the society by teaching them skateboarding, social works and life skills education. This program offers regular, structured weekly skateboarding instruction alongside an educational arts-based curriculum. In the skate park, children of all backgrounds find a valuable platform for self-expression, creativity, goal setting and personal development. In the classroom, students use fine arts and multimedia to explore geography, world cultures, history, human rights, environmental studies, hygiene, storytelling and more. Lessons focus on giving youth tools to express themselves, think critically and solve problems in their local and global communities. Special community events and international multimedia and art exchanges with peers around the globe expand the students’ personal worlds. Accessible to all levels of literacy and education, classes provide a forum for youth to develop friendships that overcome deep social barriers.

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