Surfers Not Street Children - Durban

Surfers Not Street Children - Durban

Project that empowers ex street children as they move towards adulthood. The team of former street children, who are now top surfers, are not only committed to their own continued transformation and journey towards independence but are ambassadors and role models for other kids still on the streets as well as an advocacy voice on the phenomenon of street children.

Surfers Not Street Children is a unique mentorship project based in Durban, South Africa that empowers former street children as they move from childhood into adulthood, journeying with them towards their own independence. The youngsters, most of whom were orphans and all of whom have had to deal with the realities and trauma of having lived on the streets as children, are transitioning their lives through the Surfers Not Street Children model of fusing a passion for surfing with mentorship and psychosocial support. What sets the organization apart is that the youngsters in the team are committed to ensuring that other children don’t have to suffer the way that they did. The team engages in activities to inspire and encourage street children and other at risk children through sharing their own life stories, demonstrating their high level of surfing, and their charisma. The team aims to remind these children of their potential and help them to see local available opportunities to transform their lives.

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