Solwota Sista

Solwota Sista

Solwota Sista is the female branch of The Vanuatu Surfing Association. Initiated and led by local women surfers it is a space where women and girls are encouraged to take to the waves in a female friendly environment. Providing all female contests, events, workshops, and programs Solwota Sista uses surfing as a way to create opportunities for indigenous Ni-Vanuatu women and girls and to inspire confidence and self-belief for all participants.

Founded by women surfers of The Vanuatu Surfing Association Soldotna Sista translates into ‘sisters of the sea’ in the local pidgin language bislama. Faced with barriers to achieving gender equity both in and out of the water Solwota Sista was established to create a fun, inclusive and safe space for women and girls to access surfing, surf equipment, and development programs. Solwota Sista is owned and led by the passionate young women surfers in Vanuatu who provide regular opportunities for skill and knowledge development, education on key social and environmental issues and inspire confidence, self-belief, and inclusion into the community through formal and informal surf based programs. Run out of Pango Village on the main island of Efate surfing has become a popular pursuit amongst the local population. Surfing is also able to connect surfers to the environment and their Ni-Vanuatu kastom and identity and is beginning to be recognized by elders in the community for achieving good social outcomes for youth and women. Since its inception in July 2016, Solwota Sista has already run a number of surf-based programs encompassing areas such as leadership, environment, first aid, ocean safety, judging and photography and is continuing to build momentum. 

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