Next Up Foundation - Anaheim

Next Up Foundation - Anaheim

Our mission is to help underserved youth overcome challenges in order to become successful and flourish. We engage at-risk youth of all diverse backgrounds to support their development, education, and healthy lifestyles.

The NEXT UP FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization offering a “cool” alternative to traditional after-school programs–one that appeals to many hard-to-reach kids.

We believe that some life lessons can be learned best on a skateboard.  Our foundation contributes to its local community by being a positive mentoring force in the lives of young people and offers them a unique and active support system.


  • Operate twice-weekly after-school skateboarding sessions at the local skate park under guidance of volunteer mentors (and, occasionally, pro skaters)
  • Take participants on field trips to action sports companies and provide opportunities for participants to meet and skate with pro skaters
  • Teach the value of positive character traits such as resilience, self-discipline, integrity, and communication
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles and resistance to peer pressure
  • Support educational growth by providing academic resources and offering tutoring and college preparation assistance
  • Inspire career goals by offering workshops taught by both industry and academic professionals
  • Supply equipment, shoes, and clothing to participants as needed
  • Provide a supportive social community for kids and teens

The objective of Next Up Foundation is to demonstrate through skateboarding that, as in life, setting specific, attainable goals and approaching them with determination and optimism allows us to build confidence, overcome obstacles, and exceed our own expectations.

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