Longboarding for Peace HQ

Longboarding for Peace HQ

Longboarding for Peace is a movement forward. We embody the spirit of all that is good and pure about Longboarding. We empower people to step on, step up and make great things happen in their communities. We strive to increase joy and happiness, and decrease pain and suffering.

Our philosophy is simple. If you go too far to the right on a skateboard, you wind up in a circle. If you go too far to the left, you also wind up in a circle. The only way forward is to get centered.  You will find your flow in taking the best of what both sides give you. LFP can be found at schools and community centers teaching children about the joys of balance. Every October, we encourage riders to blood bank their karma and donate blood through our Blood from Boarders initiative. Our gun buy back program held in California exchanges firearms with skateboards. We spread the word of justice by shining the light on the injustice faced by the wrongfully convicted. Longboarding for Peace has also worked in the Palestinian Territories and Israel where they brought Arabs and Israeli’s together to ride. They are now in over two dozen countries and we use the power of skateboarding to promote peace, balance, and justice.  

LFP has also launched the worldwide Festival of Balance that celebrates both sides of the brain. Action sports celebrate freedom and creativity in unique ways. They have a way of truly firing up the right side of the brain. The idea is to have participants try skateboarding, parkour, biking, and climbing in a safe environment. Building on top of this would be workshops from the left side of the brain which would include activities that require analysis, logic, and detail. 

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