Grass Skirt Project

Grass Skirt Project

The Grass Skirt Project is a “grassroots” program created to support Pacific based sporting communities & educate on sexual & domestic violence.

The Grass Skirt Project  collects pre-loved sports equipment from Australians and sends it to PNG communities to encourage and enable men, women and children to play sport with the aim of promoting gender equality, eliminating gender-based violence, empowering women and girls and building stronger communities. 

We partner up with local organisations to deliver training and education programs on gender-based violence to the athletes and community. We also support PNG sporting organisations through our partners and ambassadors to encourage participation and high performance in sport, creating positive role models.

We believe that sport can be enjoyed by everyone and that it is a powerful vehicle for social change. Gender-based violence has no place in modern society and we believe that sport can play a fundamental role in its elimination.

Our vision is to see the elimination of domestic and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea and equality of opportunity for women and girls.


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