Amigo Skate Cuba - Havana

Amigo Skate Cuba - Havana

Amigo Skate is a union of artists, musicians, action sports enthusiasts, and progressive thinkers offering youth resources to think/create outside the box.

The problem is that Cuban youth are trapped in a feud between two governments. It is nearly impossible to acquire skateboards and other supplies needed to keep skating alive. Unless someone brings it to you a skateboard from the outside world then you won’t have any wood to push. Breaking your skateboard deck often means going months without a replacement. When this happens they call it the dark months. There are no skate shops in Cuba. What makes all of this so amazing is the fact that the island has had a skate scene since the 1980s when Russian soldiers left their skateboards with a couple scrappy of street kids who never gave up on their dreams and have kept things rolling for 30+ years. Those two original skaters are still on board and they are involved in this project.

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